The Influence of Service Quality, Company Image and Product Quality on Consumer Loyalty


  • Dirga Eksa Firmansyah Faculty of Economics and Business, University Negeri Surabaya


service quality, company image.


The researcher concludes that if the company image is of high quality, then loyalty will increase. PT. The Karya Anak Bangsa (GOJEK) application for the Surabaya branch is a customer who doesn't pay much attention to the company image. so it lacks good loyalty. Company image forms the mindset of consumers to create a perception. Many authors state that a good company image helps to increase a company's sales and market share and to build and maintain loyal customer relationships. It was concluded that the product quality variable was partially tested resulting in a T count of 5.581 which was greater than the T table of 1.66023 and a sig value of 0.000 which was smaller than the significance rate of 0.05. Based on the data above, that the product quality variable in this study has a positive and significant effect on the consumer loyalty variable at PT. Application of the Children of the Nation (GOJEK) Surabaya Branch. Based on the results of multiple linear regression analysis, the value of b3 = 0.598 was obtained. This means that the product quality variable affects consumer loyalty by 0.598 or has a positive effect, which means that if the product quality variable increases, it will affect consumer loyalty by 0.598. Application of the Children of the Nation (GOJEK) Surabaya Branch. This is based on the results of the F test calculation, by comparing the calculated F and the F table, it is obtained that the calculated F (13.234) is greater than the F table (2.70), and the significance value is 0.000 which is smaller than the significance level of 0.05. The better or higher the service quality, company image and product quality owned and offered by a company, it will be able to increase consumer loyalty. The result of the analysis of the coefficient of determination (R2) shows the number Adjusted R Square 0.270 or 27%. This means that 27% of service quality, company image and product quality variables can explain the variance of consumer loyalty variables, the remaining 72% can be explained by other variables outside of the research variables that are not discussed in this study.